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What's Your Tire Pressure?

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Having the correct tire pressure for you vehicles make and model is extremely important and can help keep you and your family safe while on the road.

Finding Your Vehicle’s Recommended Tire Pressure and Load Limits

Tire information placards and vehicle certification labels contain information on tires and load limits. These labels indicate the vehicle manufacturer’s information including:

Recommended tire size

  • Recommended tire inflation pressure

  • Vehicle capacity weight (VCW–the maximum occupant and cargo weight a vehicle is designed to carry)

  • Front and rear gross axle weight ratings (GAWR– the maximum weight the axle systems are designed to carry).

Both placards and certification labels are permanently attached to the vehicle door edge, door post, glove-box door, or inside of the trunk lid. You can also find the recommended tire pressure and load limit for your vehicle in the vehicle owner’s manual.

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