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Tire Construction

Parts of the Starndard Radial Tire

  1. Grooves: Channels for water evacuation between tread and road surface.

  2. Ribs: Circumferential bands of tread rubber between grooves for continuous road contact and traction, may be enhanced with sipes.

  3. Tread: Contact area with road surface using various compound strategies like maximizing grip or mileage.

  4. Shoulder: Transition element between tread and sidewall for traction during cornering and maneuvering.

  5. Belts: Woven steel cord mesh for rigidity of tread rubber to reduce tread squirm and increase tread life.

  6. Undertread: Compounded for high heat resistance to increase high-speed durability and sometimes fuel economy.

  7. Inner Liner: Special rubber compound highly impervious to air migration for maintaining air pressure without leaking.

  8. Body Plies: Either fabric cord (passenger and light truck tires) or steel cord (mainly truck tires) for structural strength of air chamber.

  9. Bead Cable: Rigid cable serving as an anchor around which body plies are wrapped and which secures tire to rim flange area.

  10. Bead Apex/Filler: Special hard rubber compound extending up into sidewall to increase flexing around bead cable and enhance stiffness of lower sidewall for improved handling.

  11. Bead Chafer: Layer of fabric material protecting bead area from rim chafing and mounting damage.

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