Tire Fill

Action Tire Company has teamed up with Pathway Polymers so we can provide the industries preferred polyurethane tire filling compound for flat-proofing tires to our customers. If you are having unexpected down time this is the product for you. TyrFil replaces all of the air in any pneumatic tire with a highly engineered polyurethane resin blend. Within 24 hours the mixture cures to a soft resilient rubber elastomer. Instead of riding on air, you ride on a soft cushion of rubber! We have listed the advantages below. If this sounds like it could be helpful, do not hesitate call one of our locations.

  • Maximizes work output per vehicle
  • Increases performance in harsh applications
  • Lowers vehicle center of gravity
  • Enhances operator safety features
  • Provides greater vehicle stability
  • Gives reduced tire deflation
  • Aids constant tire footprint
  • Eliminates need for tire pressure checks
  • Increases driver confidence and comfort
  • Operates in extreme temperature environments
  • Minimizes uneven tread wear
  • Reduces wheel slippage
  • Ensures standby vehicles always ready for emergencies
  • Facilitates mobilization from dangerous environments
  • Optimizes difficult shift schedules